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From $1595 AUD GST Included

The lowest priced wooden bike frame on the market is now available to be ordered from HTech Bikes. Designed and built by HTech Bikes, a lower price doesn't mean lower quality, the HTech Juncture come with the same level of build quality and craftsmanship as our premium frames without sacrificing HTech's signature smooth performance ride characteristics.

The Juncture range is designed to be built as efficiently as possible while still allowing the levels of customisation expected from a small manufacturer. Built as the little brother of the HTech Aeriform the Juncture shares its base geometry and some design and construction features with the Aeriform. With its compact frame and short wheelbase lending to exceptional handling capabilities. Each Juncture frame uses HTech Bikes leading SCR technology creating a lighter yet stiffer frame unparalleled in this price bracket.

  • The Juncture JX the flagship of the Juncture range. The strongest and stiffest of the Juncture range with a solid feel to its ride, bringing Aeriform levels of performance down to affordable prices for the riders that appreciate an amazing performance, wooden bicycle frame.

  • The Juncture J is a jarrah frame and HTech Bikes most affordable all hardwood frame. Stronger, stiffer than the Juncture P with exceptional pedalling efficiency and comfort. Showing quality performance hardwood frames don’t have to be expensive.

  • The Juncture P is a plywood frame with high strength and stiffness thanks to it thick walls. The lightest and with the most compliant ride of the Juncture range.

All Juncture frames come in a range of colours including HTech Green, clear coats are also available for those that want to show off their frame.