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The word Svelter means "slender and elegant", a true reflection on a wooden aero bike.

Born from HTech's AerOne concept in 2017 the HTech Svelter is a refinement on the original design, and brought up to date with HTech's current manufacturing techniques and designs. The worlds first fully integrated, performance, wooden aero road bike.

Part of HTech Bikes Premium range the Svelter is designed to meet UCI frame regulations, yet still ride like any other HTech bike frame - highly stiff, yet compliant and comfortable due to wood’s natural structure and our SCR Technology - the Svelter is the most advanced frame designed by HTech Bikes, showing woods flexibility as a material and HTech's design ability. The result is a carbon fibre stiff frame without road vibration, a performance aero frame without the need for any fancy dampeners due to timbers naturally smooth ride.